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Erlanz SPRL is a small company from Namur, Belgium, specialized in jewelry. Its first customers are jewellers towards whom it offers a large range of products and services, being a king of "supermarket" for jewellers. It was born from the experience of its founders, themselves jewellers: more and more, a jeweller looses a lot of time running in various locations to find adequate products and services. We try to propose an answer to this issue: to locate at the same place the fundamental suppliers and skills needed by jewellers to practice their activity.


Everything began some 25 years ago, when Fernando Garcia, a yound man passionated with art, decided that art should be his job. He then followed jewelery courses at the "Arts et Métiers" in Brussels. He performed some traineeships with the most famous jewelry specialists. He also worked as diamond trader in Antwerp, which helped him to acquire knowledge concerning stones.

Afetr several years of workshop business, Feranndo Garcia opened his own jewelry shop, Erlanz Créations, in the famous "Quartier Louise", in Brussels. Step after step, he conquerred long-term customers who followed him when he decided to move to the countryside, in Lonzée. There, he found back the creation work and could notice how time and money consuming it was to obtain adequate supplies when you are far from central locations as Brussels and Antwerp.

It was the germ of the business idea for Erlanz SPRL. Why not to propose in a single location in the center of Wallonia all products and services that are useful for jewellers? Why not to use these 20 years experience to serve such particular customers as well as possible? In January 2000, Erlanz opened its doors. Since its creation, it still more gained experience, always listening to critiques and suggestions from the customer. It's through strong collaboration with our customers that we want to progress continuously in the quality of our products and services.

Who are we?

The team of Erlanz SPRL includes jewellers that agree with the quality criteria and customer listening principles that are our core culture. The head of the team is our founder, Fernando Garcia, an experienced jeweller.

We regularly welcome young aspiring jewellers who are trained to the practices of this difficult work. We are also interested in new technologies that we regularly experiment in order to be able to propose valuable innovations to our customers. Thanks to the experience of our different members  and our numerous contacts with our suppliers, we try to grow for the benefit of our customers. 



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